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Lishui Liancheng Pencil Manufacturing Co., Ltd. located in Lishui, Zhejiang, founded in 1995, as a professional manufacturer and seller of grap...
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  CHOMIR, young but amazing pencil brand, focuses on beautiful, lovely, practical and user-friendly wood pencil with super quality. CHOMIR, surrounding the whole fairy tale world with love, is the beginning of all beauty and it owns the kindest nature in the world. CHOMIR, chooses the finest materials, the most childlike designs to make diverse styles and pencils with pinnacle of the traditional designs and wins numerous children’s love and favor, in the meantime, makes pencil begins with study but do more than study; CHOMIR, is not only a pencil brand, but also represents the children’s lively, cheerful and positive mental performance, and paints a fairytale, pure and vigorous children kingdom for all the kids.

      If someone asks what is the love of parents? What’s its original intention?
      I think all parents are the same, love their children, do everything they can, give everything they have, pour their love on the children and let the children have warm family, grow up happily and study enjoyably. However, a warm family, like a delicious sandwich, but more like a pencil which leads the children to sea of knowledge and draw their future, surrounds and protects their children closely, for fear that their children get any hurt.
      CHOMIR, a loving pencil, standing in the perspective of parents, with good expectations to the children’s growth, begins a brand creation, also begins the exploration of pencil and pursuit of love. CHOMIR pencils are made from easily-sharpened and super-quality wood by sophisticated technology, which makes pencils combined of softness and hardness, the lead is smooth to write, fluent to paint and not easy to break, bringing the healthiest and best writing and painting experience for the children. On appearance design, CHOMIR is more original, so as to let the children find pleasure in boring study life, help them to get learning inspiration easily, and make their learning dreams become more colorful, so that every parent presents CHOMIR to his baby proudly, to give a caress, convey a love and keep a happy memory !