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Share your pencil origin
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    Pencil is a Pen tool, is used to the life of our stationery, as for writing and drawing sketches special pens, pencils, we should understand the relevant knowledge, this article gave you share the knowledge about the origin of pencils. 
    1662 in Nuremberg, Germany built the world's first pencil factory - Staedtler Pencil Factory. Later, in the German city of Nuremberg F · Custer Park Custer created the law graphite pencil factory, using sulfur, antimony, etc. as a binder and mixed manufacture heated graphite pencil lead, pencil graphite rod manufacturing technology goes a big step. France N · J · Kant first time washed graphite ways to make increase the purity graphite and graphite bonded with clay made refills, this method is called Kant method. It laid the foundation for the pencil industry. Later, the French chemist Comte after repeated tests, use clay as retention agent, a system of refills even wear solid than the original, and this method is applicable to any graphite mine, until today still in use. 
    The United States has named William Monroe carpenter, carved a groove in the wood, by embedding a black pencil lead, then two strips of wood bonded together to fight, made the world's first pencil pole.