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Knowledge about the appearance of a pencil
* : * : admin * : 2016-01-25 * : 228
    Pencil and pencil rod cap into two parts: pencil cap exterior decorative materials mainly for polyester materials, the production process can be divided tooling, offset printing, assembly and other processes to complete. Pencil rod exterior decorative materials mainly nitrocellulose pencil paint, printing ink, anodized aluminum foil, rubber and aluminum hoop head. The production process can be divided into pencil boards, lead core, pencil rod, finished decoration and other processes. The logs open pencil plate processing solution, truncated, prescribing sawing into wood, after hydrothermal treatment cut pencil plate by cutting machines. Plate length 184mm, width 73mm, thickness of 4.8 ~ 5.2mm. Then by heating (60 ~ 120 ℃) drying and high temperature (130 ~ 200 ℃) denaturation treatment to soften the pencil board to the extent that easy to cut the volume. Lead processing graphite pencil lead is graphite and clay with a good by a certain percentage, the kneading machine, after a three-roll machine mixed tone, press core extruded through a certain standard size (such as HB ~ 3H lead core diameter of 1.80 ~ 2.10mm) lead core, by heating (50 ~ 150 ℃) drying and high temperature (800 ~ 1100 ℃) baking, it has a certain mechanical strength and hardness, and finally by the immersion treatment thereof. Color lead core processing and graphite lead core is similar, but without baking. There are two processing methods: one is the post-mixing clay, talc, adhesives, colorants, oils and waxes, etc. uniform, by molding, drying and made known mixing; the other is the clay, talc , adhesives and other materials mixed color uniformly squeezed into the lead core or the dried lead core wick placed in a container at a certain temperature and made it fully absorb the grease, called immersion method. Pencil processing gouging rod pencil board planing machine shaved thickness 4.1 ~ 4.2mm, and have adapted with lead core diameter core slot groove board, and then use the glue will lead core and pencil boards glued together in a folder After heating under tight state (50 ~ 120 ℃) dried for 1 to 8 hours, the plane made of machined rod length 178 ~ 180mm white pole pencil. Exterior decorative rod processing will be white pencil paint and printing decoration, as well as cut the light, print trademarks, loaded eraser head, cap and other processing to become a certain size, color and patterns of the finished pencil.