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Lishui Liancheng Pencil Manufacturing Co., Ltd. located in Lishui, Zhejiang, founded in 1995, as a professional manufacturer and seller of grap...
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Lishui City Accounting Office Weng contend further contact research director
* : * : admin * : 2011-09-11 * : 134

  September 14 morning, the city Audit Bureau Weng contention, until the auditor general Liu Songwen contact Liancheng pencil manufacture Co. research. Dion and his party visited contend production plant, inspected the production situation, and with the business person in charge Sun Jinhua-depth conversation to convey information about the policy, understand the business and management, focused on understanding their current production and management problems and difficulties encountered in the process. At present, the company produces an annual output value has reached more than $ 10 million, the company adequate capital, talent, technology complete, sales channels, all export products, can not meet market demand, many foreign orders issued to other companies only processing. Specific difficulties of enterprises in the industrial land, one factory in front of the current peace road several years ago to broaden the plan to do, but has not been implemented, transport raw materials and products to businesses affected, increasing the cost of doing business; the second is now Enterprises Only five acres of land, severely restricted the ability of enterprises to expand production, raw materials stacked in the open air, the loss wasted encounter a rainy day, in urgent need of relocation, according to the vision of enterprise development, companies need 30-50 mu of land, but the multi-party co-connected, are I can not find suitable sites for the enterprise scale, on the level become the bottleneck.