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How to use a pencil
* : * : admin * : 2015-04-24 * : 157
  1, the thumb button package. Most of this pencil grasp firmly with the thumb, from the top of the pen pen bag buckles on the contact tiger's mouth, thumb and pen at the second knuckle of the thumb root, by the thumb and middle finger, arrived in a snap clip pen.
  2, the inside of the thumb stick cramping. This position mainly in the inside of the thumb of the force, snapping pen press down on the front end of the sheath against the middle, leaning against the rear end of the tiger's mouth.
  3, thumb tip, finger food Qingnie style. This kind of hold a pen mainly by food and thumb finger tip force, due to the small stick against the surface of the pen, fingertips and access to power, often have long hand grip there is pain, but the pen is simply not tight squeeze.