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Why is it called a pencil pencil?
* : * : admin * : 2015-04-17 * : 232
  A method for writing ancient thing called "lead powder" (not lead elemental powder, nor is painting or woman as a cosmetic that "lead powder", that is white, this is black), there is a phrase called "Qian Huai lead mention." The ancients used wooden slips write, "Qian" is the word written on the previous wooden slips. This idiom speaks carry pen and paper ready to record an inspiration needed articles and the like. With "lead powder" writing pen called "lead chalk" or the "pencil." Southern Xiao Liang Renyan l "as in asking for the Fan Shixing Taizai monument table": "People accumulator element, home pregnant pencil."
  Later, West graphite pencil into China, people borrow the old term for something that looks like this new incoming name, it is also called "pencil" the. Wherein the graphite because it looks like the Chinese people know the dark of the lead and was named "black lead." This is both a noun to borrow for the new examples of naming things.